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Strippers club or hire:

  Searching in New Zealand and internationally, all exotic dancer, resources:
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Exotic dancers & website resources:

  Stripping businesses and pole dancers service hiring in New Zealand, for the hottest professional male and female, adults shows for locations and rental details.

  Acquire independent and agencies erotic bump and grinders and lap dancing for stag parties and hen's nights everywhere, for all the top, stripteaser company providers.

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  New Zealand strip clubs & strippers:


Auckland striptease:


Females booty in panties.

  Looking in Auckland for the best strippers.

  Hush, premiere establishment, with hot female stripper shows.

  Contact them:

Phone: 09 307 5975

Street Address: 68 Hobson Street, (Aucks)


Christchurch striptease:

  Calendar Girls:

Calendar's Females
Calendar girls logo.

  Searching in the central South Island for classy adult dancer entertainment for men and women?

  Locate the hottest Canterbury, erotic dancing specialists, with this company, for watching, hot ladies take their clothes off.

  Contact this business:

Phone: 03 379 5641

Street Address: 196 Hereford Street, (Christchurch)


Dunedin striptease:


Exotic dancer working the stage.

  Wanting to find in the Lower South Island a sexy dance show from alluring entertainers?

  Stilettos, features alluring femme fatales for a high class firm putting on the best intimate dancer watching shows.

  Contact Stilettos:

Phone: 03 477 8747

Street Address: 319 Princes Street, (Dunedin)


Hamilton striptease:


Sexy ladies butt in lingerie.

  If your searching information on all Hamilton's best erotic's show watching then look no further!

  Hush, for a high class, service for viewing the most attractive pole workers in the region.

  Contact this business:

Phone: 07 981 1297

Street Address: 109 Victoria Street, (Hamilton)


Wellington striptease:

  Calendar Girls:

Calendar's Women
Adult entertainment facilities.

  Is adult exotic dancing what your desiring in Wellington's regions?

  Checkout this high class firm, with the hottest ladies, in the region.

  Contact this company:

Phone: 04 9745588

Street Address: 13 Dixon Street, (Wellington)

Adults dancing for male and female stripping shows and renting pole dancers.

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